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First Annual 

Massasoit Community College 

Charles M. Frolio Auditorium 

No. Abington, Massachusetts 

Sunday, the Ninth of June 

Nineteen Hundred and Sixty— Eight 

Two o'clock 


Philip B. Melody ***** Dean of the Faculty 

Prelude William J. Cowperthwaite, Organist 

Toccata in D. Minor Bach 

Variations on a theme by Haydn Brahms 


"Trumpet Tune and Voluntary*' Purcell 

*The National Anthem 

^Invocation Rabbi H. Bruce Ehrmann 

Temple Israel, Brockton 

Charge to the College Dr. William G. Dwyer 

President, Massachusetts Board of Regional 

Community Colleges 

Welcome Dr. John W . Musselman 

President of the College 

Commencement Address Dr. William G. Dwyer 

President, Massachusetts Board of Regional 

Community Colleges 

Presentation of the Class of 1968 Philip B . Melody 

Dean of the Faculty 

Conferring of Degrees Dr. John W . Musselman 

President of the College 

^Benediction Rt. Rev. Jeremiah L. O'Neill 

Holy Family Church, Rockland 


"March from Folk Song Suite" Vaughn Williams 

Commencement Marshals 

Maurice K. Walsh, Faculty Marshal 
Philip B. Melody, Platform Marshal 
Roy D. Simmons, Jr., Grand Marshal 

Student Marshals 

Frederick J. Markt, Jr. 
Griffin T. Dalianis 

*T/ie audience is requested to stand 

It is requested that no photographs be taken 
during the Presentation of Degrees. 

Advisory Board 
Massasoit Community College 

J. Edward Carchidi, D.D.S. 

Oral Surgeon 

Mr. Leslie A. Claff 
M. B. Claff & Sons 

Mr. Robert J. Cotter 
Attorney at Law 

Mrs. Lee L. Kane 

Hon. James R. Lawton 
Plymouth County Probate Court 

Mr. Carl G. Luciano 
General Manager 
Edgar's Dept. Store 

Mr. Ralph C. Paine 
Consulting Engineer 

Mr. Robert T. Werner 
Brockton Enterprise 

Mrs. John R. Wheatley, 

Mr. Herbert W. Wydom 
Tool Manufacturer 

Massachusetts Board of 
Regional Community Colleges 

Mr. Theodore Chase, Chairman 
Palmer, Dodge, Gardner & Bradford 

Mr. Nelson W. Aldrich 
Campbell, Aldrich, and Nulty 

Mr. Robert Cataldo 
Town of Lexington 

Mr. William J. Dean 
Holyoke Trade High School 

Dr. Joseph L. Driscoll 

Southeastern Massachusetts 
Technological Institute 

Mr. Andrew S. Flagg 
State College at North Adams 

Mr. Henry E. Foley 
Foley, rioag, and Eliot 

Mrs. Norman R. Jacobsen 
Member, State Board 
Leaque of Women Voters 
of Massachusetts 

Dr. Owen B. Kiernan 
Massachusetts Department 
of Education 

Dr. John W. Lederle 
University of Massachusetts 

Mr. Charles F. Moore, Jr. 
Former Selectman 
Town of Orleans 

Mrs. Robert A. Pederson 
Former Chairman 
Massachusetts Board of Education 

Mr. Richard W. Philbrick 
Vice President 
Itek Corp. 

Mr. Roger L. Putnam, Sr. 
Package Machinery Company 

The Very Rev. Raymond J. Swords, S.J. 
College of the Holy Cross 

Dr. William G. Dwyer 

Massachusetts Board of Regional 
Community Colleges 

Mr. John V. Costello 
Executive Director 
Massachusetts Board of Regional 
Community Colleges 

Candidates For Graduation 

Associate of Arts 

Dale Edwin All berry 
Kenneth Joseph Anania 
Virginia May Anderson 
Joseph Ernest Arsenault 
Jeanne Marie Asiaf 
John William Barnie 
Myron Jules Becker 
Vincent McGuire Bettes 
Lynda Jean Biagi 
Lorrey Mqtthew Bianchi 
Gale Shick Borck 
Diane Margaret Bowman 
Katherine Alice Brown 
Laura May Bur re 1 1 
Francis Gerard Cavanar 
Warren Mason Choquet 
James Alfred Col pas 

John Phillip Col pas 

Leonard William Crooks 

Carole Susan Cusher 

William Joseph Cwalina 

Joseph Richard Darche 

Carol Ann DelPrete 

Charles Anthony Deluca 

Janice DelVecchio 

Paul Raymond Desgrosseill iers 

Stanley Martin Drobnis 

Deborah Ann Duran 

William Raymond Finn 

Kathleen Anne Flaherty 

Elsie Karszes Fogarty 

Suzanne Gammon 

Jeannette Gilchrist 

Elisabeth Ann Gillis 

Patricia Claire Gramer 

Joseph Michael Grant 

Lorraine Marie Haggerty 

James Edward Hamilton 

Richard Stephen Hogan 

Theresa Mary Houde 

Jacquelyn Marie Huerth 

William Patrick Hurley 
John Joseph Kelley, Jr. 

Thomas Francis Lee 
Jan is Dean Leeds 
William Rafael Leminen 
Mary Louise Liquor i 
Brian Lawrence Lord 
Mary Patricia Maxwell 
Fiona Sutherland Miller 
Dianne Marion Murray 
Wayne Neil McDonald 
William Edward McDonald 
Kathleen Ann McGlone 
Doreen Louise McNamara 
Bonney McWilliam 
Carol Ann Neville 
William Heath Noone 
Charles Stephen Norvish 
Marcia Ann Pena 
Mark Henry Peterson 
Judith Ann Pileggi 
M. Kent Proctor 
Pauline Ann Quinn 
Laura Jean Robinson 
Robert Rockwell 
Harvey Stephen Rosen 
Muriel Alice Sammer 
Nancy Jean Samulski 
Leo Vincent Sciarappa 
Maureen Frances Sheridan 
Beverly Jean Simpson 
Sandra Lee Soles 
Steven Swartz 
John Terence Sweeney 
Francis Patrick Tanasso 
Betty Cobb Trafton 
Janice Theresa Trombley 
Marcia Anne Trudeau 
Mary Eleanor Tyrrell 
Mary~Jo Venckus 
Lynn Sharon Victor 
Leo Francis Waldron 
Kathleen Frances Warren 
Jamie Alicia Wright 

Candidates For Graduation 

Associate of Science 

Robert Anthony Anemia 
Gordon Soper Arnold, Jr. 
Sharon Marie Baxter 
Francis Daniel Caselden 
Barbara Brigham Chap in 
Edward Forrest Chauncey 
Daniel Wayne Churchill 
Frank Emil Delano, Jr. 
Robert Rene Desmarais 
Eugene Gilbert Dinneen, Jr. 
Marie Louise Do iron 
Carl F eld man 
Terry Wayne Gardiner 
Cheryl Arlene Grant 
Joseph David Green 
Daryl Ann Haase 
Sandra Ruth Harding 
Stephen Charles Harper 
Donna Marie Harrington 
Gayle Marie Harris 
George Arthur Hayden 
Kenneth George Hill 
George Brown Janes 
Dennis Michael King 
Frederick Dennis Krafton 
Roberta Anne Krentzman 

Alfred Timothy Longden, Jr. 
Steven Charles Lyons 
Peter Edward Manning 
Rosemary Marchand 
Frederick Joseph Markt, Jr. 
Mary Ellen Mather 
Milton Clement Medeiros 
Steven Joseph Milman 
Anne Louise Mooney 
Michael Kevin Mooney 
Ronald Richard Mooney 
James Martin Murphy 
Joan Frances Newson 
Keith Sterling Obillo 
Michelle Ann Perry 
Joanne Marie Princigalli 
Lawrence John Quintan 
Lauretta Anne Sass 
Catherine Rose Schenck 
Ellen Marie Sears 
Allison Webster Stone 
Anthony Vacca 
Stephen Thomas Vesey 
Nancy Rae Vose 
James Stephen Walton 
Helen Louise Wilson